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The blowtorch LASER IDEALFLAME is designed to be used with pearceable gas cartridges 190 gr. butane complying the norm EN417. Several versions are available: plastic body MA 20% glass fiber, metal body. Manual ignition or piezo electric version, both external and internal. All this to have an ergonomic and design 100% MADE IN ITALY, strength, reliability and SAFETY in one unique product able to satisfy each needs of the users.



Nominal power: 1.90 kW
Flame length: 20 cm
Darde length: 8 cm
Max Temperature: 1200°C

cartuccia FHB158

BLOWTORCH IDEAL FLAME - cartridge 190 gr. ­ miscela butano ⁄ propano

Saldatore LASER FFLA3PM Saldatore LASER FFLA3NM Saldatore LASER FFLA1PM Saldatore LASER FFLA1NM Saldatore LASER FFLA5PM Saldatore LASER FFLA5NM Saldatore LASER FFLA3P Saldatore LASER FFLA3N Saldatore LASER FFLA5P Saldatore LASER FFLA5N Saldatore LASER FFLA2P Saldatore LASER FFLA2N MAPP GAS e FH160

BLOWTORCH GUN - threaded gas cartridge with antiflare system MAPPA GAS or 7⁄16"
mix butane ⁄ propane

The gun IDEAL FLAME must be assembled with threaded cartridges which
allow you to interrupt the work and to desassemble the cartridge in any moment,
even if it is not completely empty. The differnt connection of the blowtorch
allow you to use cartridges with 7⁄16" thread or MAPP GAS 1"20 UNEF gas cylinders,
able to developpe better performances.

valigetta 7/16 Laser mod. 35 PIEZO Laser mod. 3000 PIEZO Laser mod. 3000 Laser mod. 5000 PIEZO Laser mod. 5000

Set in case of blowtorch IDEAL FLAME with interchangeable accessories

FSFLA1N_4C FS554PLUS FS554 FS553 FS552